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Looking to take a career turn and become a driver? Great! Springfield Yellow Cab is opening positions for drivers to join this team of hard-working, experienced and committed taxi drivers.

Why should you join Springfield Yellow
Cab Crew?

Because it’s a fantastic opportunity for every enthusiastic person to expand their knowledge, explore the area, meet new people, and develop professionally!

The moment you become a driver with us, you start reaping in the benefits. As a self-employed, independent contractor, you choose your own flexible hours as well as the option to select the neighborhoods and areas you are most comfortable servicing! You will also have access to the largest customer base in VA as well as be able to build your own.

Why Being a Taxi Driver with SYC Is
a Good Opportunity?

Being a taxi driver is an exciting job where you interact with people and earn good money. Plus, there is also the option of setting your own working hours: whether you plan to work full time or just a day a week – it’s up to you. Experience is not obligatory to get started but is an advantage.

What Makes An Ideal Candidate For The Job?

The ideal candidate for our team is a dynamic, hardworking and self-motivated individual with excellent communication skills and clean appearance.

Further, being voted the best taxicab near me by the company’s customers, Springfield Yellow Cab expects all employees to work together on maintaining this reputation. What does that mean? Essentially, if you plan on becoming a driver with us, you are to keep the company’s good name alive with your active engagement and training.

Wheelchair Accessible Taxi Springfield & Transportation for Handicapped
Taxicab Service

Considering the option of working with us means being thoroughly acquainted with all of the services on offer and preferably having the knowledge and experience (or an idea) how to contribute to the existing service development.

Springfield Yellow Cab team prides on the type of handicap transportation provided to our cherished clients, and the feedback placed by those same customers.

Springfield Yellow Cab holds a number of handicap accessible taxis in the fleet to make sure every customer in need of a handicap cab gets the option to book one. While SYC is non-emergency medical transportation, it still offers complete and reliable service to its customers with a disability.

Since it is in everyone’s interest within the company to keep the status of the best handicap transportation near me, as a driver – you are expected to give your best in helping the clients get the best version of the service they’d booked.

What Are The Requirements to Apply?

All Springfield Yellow Cab drivers need to meet the identical criteria, and the same goes to you.

If you are neat, friendly, cultured, open for going through mandatory training sessions, experienced (or ready to learn), aware of the importance of safety on the road and interested in the most technologically advanced and most exceptional cab service in the VA area – you are welcome to become the winning taxicab team Springfield.

Join this team and be associated with the most progressive and innovative taxicab company in the nation.

Here are just a few things you want to take into consideration if you’re going to apply:

  • Driver’s License
  • General knowledge of Springfield and Fairfax County
  • At least 21 years of age or older
  • Clean Police record. Without DUI or DW punishments and penalties
  • Excellent communication skills (patient, courteous, etc.)
  • The ability to operate a handicap accessible taxi is a plus
  • Appropriate dressing and clean appearance are mandatory
  • Good driving record

  • Become a Driver Today - Independent Contractor | Springfield Yellow Cab General knowledge of Fairfax County, VA, and the surrounding areas
  • Become a Driver Today - Springfield Yellow Cab Excellent people skills
  • Become a Driver Today - Springfield Yellow Cab Good driving record
  • Become a Driver Today - Springfield Yellow Cab Clean Police record. No DUI or DWI